diamonds are lucky to some one so ask astrologer first

  waight 41 crt
nearby 1700 Duke augusta de srang of sacsoni got it.Rightnow in green hall of dresdon

  WT 44.50 CRT
One bankar baught in 1830.It is in smithsonion in america.

  WT 530.20 crt
It is created from 3106 crt.The name is given from the name of sir Tomos Cullinan-chief of a 1908.It is also knowen as the star of Africa

  WT 55 crt
In 1470 it was weaing by Charles de brave.It is with England's ester family

  WT 128.51 crt
It was found in chimbarly mines in south affrica in 1878.Originaly it was of 287.42 crt.It was sold to a jweller tiffany of Newyork.

  WT 108.92 crt
Basically it had a waight 186 crt when it was with Ranjitsih of india!Which was sold by sha of Iran in 1739.Then to Jahangir and then to England.It was fixed in queen Victoria's ornamant.Rightnow in London Tower.

  WT 88.70
It has travelled through somany king.Most of the period it was with Shah of Iran.In 1829 it was given to NIcholos by Czar of Russia.It is in chremlin-Moscow right now!!

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